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Crazy Babe
Bob Coulter

English / Deutsch / Francais / Espanol / Italiano
size: 7,5 x 5,5 inches / 19 x 14 cm
368 pages / 345 colorphotos

ISBN 3-936709-04-1

US$ 37.95
£ 17.99
EUR D 24,90
EUR    27,90


































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Book Reviews

I just got your book last night and all I can say is Wow.  What a beautiful piece of work!  You are my hero, Hefner should be kissing your ass!   The style you have is wonderful.  The use of backgrounds is perfect, the models are beautiful and the poses and camera placements could not be better.  I have been taking pictures since I was a kid and your shots grabbed my eye the first time I saw them.  Thanks for signing my copy and if you ever need help with lighting or cargo or if you ever want to do any shots around the Memphis (Graceland) or Nashville area I am here for ya!

Dear Bob,
The sheer volume of snapshot nudity is jaw dropping and the spirit of mutual cooperation between model and photographer presents an almost startling portrayal of contemporary human sexual conditions... still throughout the pages it is your personality that makes the strongest impression... particularly in visible bottles of Heaven Hill, in close-ups of fading tattoos, feet & toe rings, scraped knees and sometimes, particularly in the case of Jodie Soprano, peculiarly grubby surroundings... In some ways I like these pictures best... and although it is almost impossible to single out individual images from the relentlessly serial construction of the project I have to declare a personal attraction to examples like Suzy on page 21 where the (possibly accidental?) inclusion of the cell phone in the frame creates an appealing impression of routine daily life... similarly, the photo of Jen on page 290 offers a candid portrait of the model in a casual relaxed attitude... it has long been my opinion that the only truly successful erotic photography are nudes of people you personally know... a condition that is of course impossible for a public artist to achieve... so one must strive for the next best thing... that is to create the impression of familiarity through the ordinariness of the model, the pose, the setting and various other conditions... this is why the underwear spreads in the sears catalogues and the reader's wives features in some menís' magazines continue to hold great popularity... your photography comes close to this on several occasions but one thing more it captures the modern world of public intimacy in a way that is astonishing made all the more so I have already mentioned... the element of self-portraiture... of your own personality... contained on every page... nice work... you're crazy, Bob.
All the very best to all,

Its gorgeous.  Its the coolest coffee table book Iíve ever seen, and they didn't use any beaver shots of me.  I love your work.  Your work is not porn - its artistic, that's why I loved working with you.  I think you have an amazing eye and you do something so hot and edgy and unique - your angles, backdrops, colors, props-super hot.  My favorite spread in your book is the one with Maklaryn - those are SO COOL - YOU SHOULD SUBMIT THEM TO SOME FASHION MAGS like sleaze nation or spoon.  How could they not use shots from the Osama bin Ladin shoot - those were incredible.


Bob Coulter Interview

Ex record producer now spends his days photographing gorgeous naked woman...

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Crazy Babe "THE BOMB"

"Loaded" magazine August
book reveiw page 178

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